alternative paths to education

Note: this is a super rough draft. not really worth reading.


The only benefit beyond the education and network is that having a degree certainly doesn’t shut doors either. Which has also happened to me a few times in my career? 

I’m still working through this in therapy because I have a bit of a cognitive dissonance situation going on here.

I also know from experience that having a bachelor’s degree isn’t necessarily a door opener in today’s world. I know for sure that work experience and/or your network is the biggest door opener.

But I struggle at the latter because of my social anxiety.

And so over time, I have put a lot of weight on not having that bachelor’s degree. 

micro certificates
mini MBA
has perception caught up with reality
ist, it a Situation of and or and/or situation in the job hunt thesis.. with education being democratized and free, it makes it much harder to say “you should go to college to learn” because you can learn anywhere. There is a rising situation in college where borrow from Pendulum re: college/education

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