Digital Rubbernecking

Originally posted on Facebook on 9/18/2020

Ever heard of digital rubbernecking?

Let’s start with two hot topics – #cancelculture and #freedom

Cancel culture is just an easily digestible term for bullying and shaming that the media perpetuates.

And isn’t it ironic that in the #USA🇺🇸 where it is purported that citizens are innocent until proven guilty that my fellow Americans are very comfortable with cancel culture.

Freedom is just a term bandied about by the media and then parroted by those who choose to do little more than raise their eyes above the screens to see what’s for dinner.

And isn’t it ironic that in the #USA🇺🇸 where it is purported that freedom of the press, ideas, and expression are important tenets of American culture but citizens are uncomfortable with people who don’t look like, think like, seem like, and act like them.

I bet you’re triggered in some way, right? That’s okay. Those topics are just meant to show you how easily you are manipulated by words on a screen.

Seems to me that people on both sides of the aisle need to move away from the screens and simply talk to your fellow citizen face to face. You might actually find out that you have more in common with them.

And you might realize that the media (and the conglomerates who perpetuate the cultural division) aren’t here to report the news for you. They exist to make money off of you. And they make more money when your eyes are glued to the screens. And they glue your eyes to the screens by creating and sensationalizing conflict. 

This manipulation is digital rubbernecking.

So here’s my challenge to you. Get the fuck off your devices for 2 straight hours a day for the next 7 days. If you can’t, then you might want to assess your digital habits in general.

Once you’ve completed the challenge, take note if you feel less stressed, less angry, have more time to spend with your family. Then don’t tell anyone about it on your social media.

In fact, don’t even comment or like this post. SERIOUSLY. And don’t thank me in person either. Just pay it forward. Challenge your friends and family to cut their screen usage by 2 hours a day.

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