The system I use to define and track my long-term goals efficiently

H.I.T. List System™
(aka High Impact Task List System)
  1. Select 25 of your top goals in life.
    1. They should cover these seven areas of focus.
      1. Health & Fitness
      2. Personal Growth & Development
      3. Spiritual & Inner Development
      4. Money & Investments
      5. Family & Personal Life
      6. Business & Career
      7. Social & Community Activities
  2. Pick the 5 most important goals in life – your top fie. You might find that some of your top 5 goals also overlap the areas of focus. That’s okay.
  3. Define your action plan for each of the five goals on a physical sheet of paper
    1. describe your goal. be realistic. and make it attainable. (i.e. I will complete my BFA at SJSU by June 2018)
    2. what is life like before you achieve this goal
    3. what is life like after you achieve this goal
    4. outline the next few tasks you need to take to complete as you work towards your main goal
  4. put your top 6 tasks list the evening before you intend to complete them
  5. complete as many of those first six high-impact tasks as you can in the next 24 hours
  6. go through steps 3d, 4, & 5 each day until your tip five goals are complete
  7. after 90 days reevaluate your top five and edit them starting at 1 if necessary
  8. once all 5 goals are completed repeat steps 1 through 7
  1. Start with the one that will take the most time, then do one that takes the least amount of time, and repeat.
  2. Work your high six Mon – Sat, Sunday is a free family day.
  3. Commit to a 90-day sprint
  4. Avoid the remaining 20 at all costs
  5. Evaluate your top 5 goals against progress, iterate and update as necessary
  1. A reliable pen
  2. A notebook for tracking action plans
  3. 3×5 notecards for your HI6H list and your 

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