How did i get here?

I shared my mental health journey on Instagram and I found the experience to be beautiful and cathartic. 

Prior to that I rarely shared my thoughts publicly even though I’ve been writing for over 20 years. As part of my mental health journey, I struggled with anxiety and depression. The writing was a tool I developed to help me get through some of the most crippling times.

Recently, I began to practice artmaking in public but pseudonymously – which felt safer to me. And found that I became a better artist through sharing my work with others and participating in a community.

These two experiences have led me to this point. And I’m ready to share my writing publicly (and maybe I’ll become a better writer).

I’ve have written in various modes over the last two decades (i.e., journaling, note-taking, storytelling, short stories, etc) using all kinds of formats including Moleskine notebooks, journals, Evernote, TextEdit, and even a physical index card system to capture ideas.

The problem is that my system isn’t as organized and as searchable as I’d like them to me. The solution: this blog.

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