Talking about mental health is hard

A lifetime has happened between and beyond these photos. And I spent a lot of those years in my head attempting to keep it all together. Sometimes I succeeded. But when I failed, I failed really, really hard.

Fortunately, I am where I am through no fault of my own. There were some real fucking dark moments over the years. And if it wasn’t for the support of friends and family, it’s conceivable I may not have made it this far.

Often they forced themselves to be a part of my life even when I resisted. They made sure I was included even when I wasn’t secure enough to believe I belonged. They loved me despite my quirks, eccentricities, sometimes anti-social behavior, and general weirdness.

To those friends and family (you know who you are – past and present): Thank you for being you and doing the things that you do. I love you deeply for helping me grow. Your impact still guides me today. I see you now.

Unfortunately, some people don’t have that type of support in their life.

If you’re out there in the world and feel alone, know you can reach out to me here or Twitter (DMs are open). We don’t have to talk about anything specific. But I imagine it’s nice to know you have a friend.

Originally posted on Instagram, February 20, 2020

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