Tech is meant to nourish the human experience – not enslave us (aka, technourishment)

Note: this is a very rough first draft
I think we let technology control us. We need to fight for the right to be nourished by technology. Not to become a slave to it, but to give it permission to enhance old humanity. 
It’s the conscious integration of technology into our lives. To drive the decision to choose technology but also let it go.
For example, I had a Fitbit for months. I used it to count steps and track my swims to gear success. However it broke, and I already had a basic understanding of what felt like 10000 steps or a good swim. So I decided I didn’t it any injure for that reason. As a tool it did it’s job. And was cheaper than hiring a trainer.
a few things before I go further… I already don’t consider my phone an instant connection device. Most people chide me for this, but I’m okay with that. I choose when to interact with my phone. Apps and people don’t need to trigger me to interact with it. 
So, when I could set up my watch to buzz with texts or let me know when calls are Coming. All great features, but none that added nourishment to my life. I decided against it
what is and isn’t technourishing is a choice, there are no rules beyond one… 
You consciously choose to let a tech into your life for the betterment of your human experience. 
A cell phone is only good if it adds to your human experience 
For me, that’s connecting with my family over FaceTime or Duo.
I personally don’t like large Dark crowded places, so movie theaters are not a fun experience for me. So, services like Netflix give me access to things I would normally to have needed to go to the theatre for.
Cars… I don’t need early warning tracking systems because i am not distracted wile driving. But having a good map service has really come through in a pinch.
Companies like Sonos or apple force or entice us to get the latest and greatest tech. That’s not teaching nourishment. 
Slow down, get out there. Take your face away from then black mirror (I say this while writing this via an iPhone) but that’s a nourishment for me. I can write and save it on the cloud using Evernote. Both of which bring me joy, accessibility, and nourish me in that moment 
probably should mention terminator…
Tech also refers to anything that’s not of this ear for. So, I don’t need a product like June if my oven does the work. But if I were to build my own home and had a consideration of space, I might think June instead of microwave and oven.

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