What is “The Great Aim”?

“the great aim of education, is not knowledge but action” – Herbert Spencer

I am an explorer. I explore ideas. I explore careers. I learn. and I implement it.

My thought process with the “blog” is to leave behind a collection of thoughts for my nieces and nephews so that long after I’m gone, they will have something to look back on. IF other people find it valuable and useful, then that’s great too. 

What I’m sharing here are my experiences alone. These are not one-size-fits-all solutions. These are just ways that I’ve solved problems. My recommendation is that you take what works for you and use them as you see fit for your life.

Some of them are techniques that I’ve used that took me from an undereducated HVAC apprentice to a Sr. Program Manager of Customer Experience at Twitter. Some people get on the fast-track to success. That is not me. I have been a late bloomer my entire life. And my career is no exception. I intend to live my fullest life. I intend to never pretend to be anything but myself.

Either way, the goal is to make content that people can use to take action within their own life.

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